Grape Seed Extract 95% OPC

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No. Item Name tio/Percentage Active Ingredients
000 green tea extract 30%-95% Polyphenols and catechins/EGCg
001 Alfalfa Extract 5:1/5 Flavonoids
002 Asparagus Root Extract 4%~10 Asparagoside
003 Astragalus Extract 0.2%,0.4%/16%;70% Flavone&Polysacchrides
004 Billberry Extract 10%~25% Anthocyanidins
005 Black Coosh Extract 1.5%,2.5 % Triterpene glycosides
006 Black Tea Extract 20%~50% Polyphenols
007 Bupleurum Extract 5% Bupleurum saikosaponins
008 Celandine Extract 2% Chelidonin
009 Cordyceps Extract 4:1 Cordyceptic aci
010 Citrus Aurantinum Extract 4%,6%,8% Synepherin
011 Dahurian Rhododendron Extract 70% Proanthocyanidin
012 Dandelion Extract 3% Flavonoids
013 Dongquai Extract 0.1% Ferulic Acid
014 Echinacea Extract 4% Phenolic
015 Elderberry Extract 5% Anthocyanidins
016 Epimedium Extract 5% Epimediosides
017 Eyebright Extract 4:1 Flavonoids
018 Fo Ti Extract 2% Phosphatide
019 Garlic Extract 2% Allicin
020 Gentian Root Extract 5% Gentianin
021 Giant Knotweed Extract 20%~99% Resveratrol
022 Ginger Extract 5% Gingerol
023 Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract 24%/6%,28%/8%,30%/10 Ginkgoflavoglycosides/Terpene
024 Ginseng Extract 16%~90% Ginsenosides
025 Golden Seal Extract 5% Total Akloides
........over 500 kinds

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.OPC95
Place Of OriginChina
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentL/C,T/T
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