Gramafert B Fertilizer

Gramafert B serve in prilled ( diameter 1 mm) former appereance with ingredient complete nutrient such as macro nutrient ( NPK ), secondary macro nutrient (Mg, S, Ca) and micro essential nutrient ( Fe, Zn, Mn, Cl, B, Bo, Mo ). Flexible formulation available depend of kind group plant or crops. There are high phosphates (P2O5) nutrient composition ( 10.20.10) usually using for following plant: Timber tree such as industrial timber tree ( HTI planting), wet land with high organic land or turf land, swamps area and other high organic land. We also recommended Gramafert B formulation for fruits plant especially tropical fruits like mangos tree, manggoos, rambutan tree, papaya tree, grapes, durian, gujava tree, etc. Packing:1kg,5kg, dan 20kg

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.f-004
Place Of OriginIndonesia
Brand NameGramafert
Price TermsFOB Jakarta USD 365.49
Terms Of PaymentT/T
Supply Ability3500mt/month
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