Glyphosate 95% TECH

Melts and follows the decomposition about 230C.25 o''''clock in the water solubility are 1.2g, does not dissolve to the common organic solvent, its isopropyl amine salt completely dissolves to the water. Not inflammable, does not explode, the normal temperature storage is stable. To the medium carbon steel, the galvanized iron sheet have the corrosive action.
According to our country agricultural chemicals toxicity graduation standard, grass Gan Linshu low poisonous weed killer, to person, livestock low poison. Original powder big mouse acute after mouth LD50>4320mg/kg, rabbit acute after skin LD50>7940mg/kg.
Have the mild irritating quality to the rabbit eye and the skin, does not have the allergy and the stimulation to the guinea pig skin.
Has not seen under the experimental condition to the animal mutagenicity, sends the sudden change, the carcinogenesis.
Grass Gan Lin is lower to the fish and the aquatic animal toxicity, rainbow trout LC50 is 120mg/l.
Grass for suck sweet phosphine person who conduct wide table kill weed killer after sprouting inside. Mainly through suppress plant body alcohol acetone base big grass plain phosphoric acid of propylene formate enzymes, Suppress big plain
To benzene third ammonia sour, tyrosine and color ammonia sour transformation grass, Make protein synthetic to interfere and lead to the fact the death of the plant.
Grass sweet phosphine accord with but loses activation with the iron, aluminium
Ion quickly after burying, Do not have harmful effects to the seed and microorganism in the soil.
Can process 10% grass sweet phosphine ammonium salted pharmaceutical into,41%
Grass sweet phosphine different third amine salt,62% grass sweet phosphine different third amine salted pharmaceutical,30% grass sweet phosphine soluble powder, too can mix and match with other weed killer
The inside lining polyethylene thin film, the external use plastic weaves the bag or the paper bag packing, the net weight:(25?0.2)kg

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.95% TECH
Place Of Originchina
PackagingThe inside lining polyethylene thin film, the external use plastic weaves the bag or the paper bag packing, the net weight: (25?0.2)kg,or for your request
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentL/C
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