Common Name: Glyphosate
Chemical Name: N-
( phosphonomethyl) glycine
Specification: Technical Grade;
Active Ingredients: Not less than
Physio-chemical Properties:
Appearance & Odor: Colorless &
Odorless crystalline solids
Glyphosate is an acid, but it is
Commonly used in salt form, most
Commonly in isopropylamine salt
And dimethylamine salt.
Toxicity Status: Low toxic to
Both human and animals.
Oral LD50 (Acute) Rat: 4320mg / KG
Dermal LD50 (Rabbits) : >7940mg / KG
Eye & Skin Irritation (Rabbits) :
No abnormal symptoms were
Observed when it was administered
At 2000mg / KG for 90 consecutive
Days. Carcinogenic, mutative and
Teratogenic effects were not
Detected. Low toxic to fish, bees
And birds. The toxicity data LC50
For rainbow trout and water flea
Were established at not less than
1000mg / KG and 780mg / KG
Mode of action: The broad-
Spectrum systematic & conductive
And non-selective herbicide is
Characterized by high efficiency,
Low toxicity and high safety. It
Is intended for control of deep-
Rooted perennial weeds.
Glyphosate applied to foliage is
Absorbed by leaves and rapidly
Moves through the plant. It acts
By preventing the plant from
Producing an essential amino
Acid. This reduces the production
Of protein in the plant, and
Inhibits plant growth. Glyphosate
Is metabolized or broken down by
Some plants, while other plants
Do not break it down.
Aminomethylphosphonic acid is the
Main break-down product of
Glyphosate in plants. Target
Plants: Initially intended for
Oak trees to enhance growth rate
And meanwhile widely used for
Forestry, fruit, tea plantations
And mulberry gardens and fields
As well as field edges, roadside
And railway margins. Glyphosate
Is used to control grasses,
Herbaceous plants including deep
Rooted perennial weeds, brush,
Some broadleaf trees and shrubs,
And some conifers. When applied
At 0. 7-5. 6kg / hectare it exhibits
Good effects. When applied during
The period of full growth, it
Exhibits rather strong control
Effects against most of the
Targeted weed.

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