The ginkgo tree has another name called gingko tree, have another name called GongSun Shu. It is the precious seeds left over in century of glacier, the Palaeozoic Era the time that the ginkgo appears on the earth about 200,005,000 years ago, It is even earlier than the dinosaur. Darwin calls it the living beings a living fossil. The ginkgo is the most ancient offering as a gift plants lonelily in the extant seed plant. Become the unique seeds of our country after the glacier in the the fourthth century, has praised as three of activation all the time anciently in the academia. Guo Mo-ruo is called the holy one in the East, in botany, there is important scientific research value equally.
The ginkgo fruit is the first-class dry fruit, nutritious, taste delicious, Medicine food is all good. It is nuclear that the variety generally has heavy plums, fingered citron, heavy bell, little bell, Daikin fall etc. Its product can be developed into American pistachios of ginkgo, the fruit can, ginkgo ripe fruit( the vaccum packaging). The ginkgo core in the ginkgo fruit contains starch, thick albumen, nucleoprotein, thick fat, the cane sugar, mineral substance, Nourish the fruit top-gradly. There is the same medical value in medical science in the result of ginkgo. It is famous state to gingko function at actings Li Shizhenses Compendium of Materia Medica s for: It enter lung by, not definitely benefits temperseses; Eat raw and lower the phlegm and disinfect and kill worms. Qing Dynasty could treat the sore, scabies, tumour, the milk ached and festered, the child suffered from diarrhoea, It down red leucorrheas, it is chronic drench being turbid, pass out semen enuresis, etc. Disease.
Ginkgo our country's peculiar treasuring seeds are leather root use as medicine and it has to be very high eating, not medical to develop value by fruit leaf. The foreign developed country is drawing the ginkgo leaf the thing and making the thimble, medicinal extract, capsule, Used in the medical treatment and health care. The ginkgo is one of the famous dry fruit in China. Taste is delicious, pliable and tough and soft. There don't be the flavor, the seed of the ginkgo is nutritious, Except that the starch, protein also contains the trace elements, such as vitamin C, riboflavin, carrotene, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, etc. And the composition, such as the ginkgo is sour, five carbons of more than candies, careless alcohol of fat, etc..
At present, our company process products have and keep fresh ginkgo fruit, take off mercury almond, ginkgo leaf, ginkgo American pistachios, etc.

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