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New Arrivals

Heavy Duty Multi-level Mezzanine Racks And Shevles

Mezzanine Racks System is used at the condition of warehouse space is not enough, building new tiers by steel beams, upright frames and lying with metal plates to create extra storage space. Each tier will be design and placed with different types of ra

Prefabricated Mezzanine Floor Platform And Loft Sc

Mezzanine Platform divides warehouse into two storey or three storey and get full use of vertical space. The pre-fabricated work platform is mainly supported with square uprights or round uprights. King girder and queen girder are made of 'H' type steel

High Quality Boltless Rivet Shelving And Slotted R

The Rolled Boltless Rivet shelf is mainly composed of uprights,shelf MDF board and Z beam.The ability of Shelving to be configured with wide range of heights, widths and depths available, enables the shelving system to be tailored to maximize your sto

Adjustable Longspan Shelving And Racks For Garage

Longspan Shelving is composed of beams, shelves, upright frames and other parts. Assembling and dismantling are simple and quick, high-strength steel shelves by continuous punching and rolling. Based on the features and requirements of goods, the shelvi

Heavy Duty Selective Pallet Storage Racking System

Commonly used in the warehouse the selective pallet rack is the most universal and popular storage system for direct and single access to each pallet to make high efficient usage of warehouse space. Cargo are placed on the pallets that can be moved easil

High Density Drive-in And Drive-through Pallet Rac

The drive-in and drive-through pallet racking is the optimal storage system for storing homogeneous products that are very large quantities of each item. It’s unique structure allows forklift to drive into the racks. The system consists of continuous

Fast Picking And Operating Storage System Very Nar

Very narrow aisle VNA racking is a type of pallet rack system which is operating with particular forklifts, three-direction forklifts, can be used to pick pallets to front, left and right pallet location. The width of each aisle between rack groups ver

Semi Automated Storage System Radio Shuttle Pathmo

The Shuttle Racking System is a semi-automated solution for high-density pallet storage which combined with rack, electric shuttle car and forklift. It provides a large amount of unit loads per SKU. Maximizing floor space and height available and oper

Heavy Duty Electric Mobile Pallet Racking With Mov

The heavy Duty Mobile Pallet Racking by fixing rack facility on mobile chassis at the bottom or mobile base guided through rails on the floor.This storage system is high density and given the space maximization by operating with only one aisle. The

High Density Document Archive Mobile Shelving Rack

The mobile shelving is equipped with only one corridor (around D1000mm). The shelves install on mobile chassis at the bottom and move along the guide way. Each line of shelving moves easily and smoothly on the chain-wheel system, manually storing and withd

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