Gear Treatment

Reduces backlash tooth drag in differentials
Reduces rolling and sliding friction in the gears
Reduce wear on gears and rolling elements
Reduces friction between the bearing rolling elements & seperators
Lowers operating temperature and prolongs fluid life
NOVASYNTM Gear Treatment forms a hard, slick, Boron finish on all bearing and gear surfaces preventing wear and varnish and inhibits oxidation and corrosion.
Product Description
NOVASYNTM Gear Treatment blended with Boron CLS Bond, the most advanced friction-reducing techonology commercially availiable, is designed for use in all manual transmission, transaxles and final drives. It provides extreme anti-wear properties, high temperaturestability and rreduction in varnish and gum buildup on gear and inhibits wear.
NOVASYNTM Gear Treatment reduces drive train power loss, lower friction on bearing and gears prevents wielding and scoring on gears with high stresses. It also reduces tooth drags, absorbs shock loads, minimizes oxidation and inhibits corrosion.
NOVASYNTM Gear Treatment improves shifting and heat transfers and increase power resulting in reduced fuel consumption. Due to the revitalization nature of the treatment fluid, these mechanisms are always kept in top condition and loger equipment life.

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.Gear treatment
Place Of OriginUSA
Brand NameNovasyn
CertificationPatent # 5,431,830
Packaging1 Ctn = 24 bottles
Price TermsFOB Singapore USD 23
Terms Of PaymentT/T,CASH,D/P
Supply AbilityStock Available Anytime
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