Fermented Seaweed Fertilizer

Fermented seaweed fertilizer "Power" is a high-tech product manufactured by fermentation. The most advantage of Fermented seaweed fertilizer is the multiformity of the end product, which can be completely easily absorbed by plants, Therefore Fermented seaweed fertilizer "Power" is a highly effective and high-bioactive fertilizer.
Fermented seaweed fertilizer "Power" has the following advantages over other fertilizers:
1. Benefit to environmental protection.
Long-term use of chemical fertilizers has damaged the physical and chemical properties, the biological characteristics and the micro-ecology of the soil, leading to deterioration of quality of plant products.
However, Fermented seaweed fertilizer "Power" fertilizer is quite different from the chemical fertilizers because Fermented seaweed fertilizer "Power" is a natural product derived from seaweed materials and it can complex with heavy metal ions in soil and enhance the permeability of soil. Therefore, Fermented seaweed fertilizer "Power" fertilizer can help the soil to avoid erosion by wind or water and it can enhance the ability of crop plants to adverse factors. Also "Power" is safe to humans and animals, and the environment.
2. Fermented seaweed fertilizer "Power" is a highly effective fertilizer converging nutrients, bioactive substances and counter-stresses genes. Extremely low dose of "Power" could reach much higher effects than traditional fertilizers.
3. Fermented seaweed fertilizer "Power" could be quite absorptive and highly efficient to crop plants because it is manufactured by specific processing techniques to obtain extremely fine particles. Fermented seaweed fertilizer "Power" could be absorbed by plant within several hours after application.
In conclusion, Fermented seaweed fertilizer "Power" is a new generation of natural fertilizer, which can significantly increase yields of many crops and enhance the ability of plants to adverse factors. This product will greatly contribute to our 21st century agriculture because it is safe to the environment and highly economical.

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.li-1
Place Of OriginChina
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentT/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C at sight
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