Fengrun Plants Rooting Powders

The effect of fengrun plants rooting powders
For tea tree planting
Using fengrun plants rooting powders (fprp) to test for Green tea planting with spraying method on leaves surface.
Measuring method:
Spraying on leaves surface:
Diluting consistence: 100mg / KG & 150mg / KG, to compare with spraying water.
Test district: stochastic group arrangement, per zone is 3 meters, setting up protecting line, the using times of the fprp liquid is 3 total, one time of using is at distance of 3 days.
Spraying standard: 90ml / m. (using quantity of diluting liquid)
Researching for New tip buds quantity: starting from 10th day, in different test zone, to select 10pcs of new tip buds base on same growing state, to hang a label for marking, following to observe their growing state, measuring 1 time to be at distance of 3 days until new tip bud become double nip leaves.
Researching for tea yield: fixing a small zone of 25x25cm in different test district, to pick tea leaves group by group, to make the statistic of bud density & hundred buds weight. The bud density is the bud quantities of every hundred branches.
Testing for active element contents: during to picking spring tea, according to the standard of a pair of leaves per bud to picking, to braise, to dry and to crush; and then, to store up in refrigerator for testing amino acid, theine and tea polypherals contents.
Result & analysis:
The fprp can accelerate burgeon of tea tree to bud. After using the fprp liquid of different consistence, the budding value of tea tree is enhanced obviously to compare with the ck group. In the range of the test consistence, after using 150mg / KG consistence, the enhanced extent of budding value is highest. Same time, for the ck group, the budding state is 1 leaf per bud at most. After spraying the fprp liquid of 150mg / KG, more tender leaves are several leaves per bud.
The fprp liquid influence the budding speed of new tip burgeon for tea tree:
The fprp liquid can accelerate the budding of new tip for tea tree. To learn from the above testing, after spraying the fprp liquid on leaves of tea tree, the budding speed of new tip will be faster than the ck group. For the 150mg / KG consistence, the effect is best.
At last part of growth (after 65th day) , the new tips of the ck group form double nip leaves so that to stop growth. But at same time, the new tips after using the fprp liquid to spraying still grow continuously until 74th day to stop just. So, after using the fprp liquid, the growing time of tender leaves can be extended for tea tree, so that the picking time also can be extended.
The fprp can improve the quality of tea
After using the fprp liquid to spray on leaves surface, the quality of tea will be improved. Using the 100mg / KG consistence, the tea amino acid content tested is highest to compare with the 150mg / KG consistence and the ck group. The theine and tea polypherals content of tea will be reduced a little to compare with the ck group, but not salience. If the liquid consistence is higher, the reduced extent of tea polypherals consistence is more.
Basing on the above test, the rate of amino acid to tea polypherals is lower than the ck group. For the 100mg / KG & 150mg / KG consistence, the rates equal 91. 38% & 91. 33% of the ck group separately.
The result of the test proved, if using between the 100 ~ 150mg / KG consistence to spray on leaves surface, yield of tea will be increased obviously, the rate of amino acid to tea polypherals will be reduced, the amino acid contents will be enhanced and the tea polypherals will be decreased a little, so that the gall and acerbity taste of tea will be thin and the taste of tea will be fresh and feel well. So, the quality of green tea will be improved.
( the best consistence of using should be 100mg / KG ~ 150mg / KG for spraying on leaves surface. )

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.FPRP
Packaging20g/bag, 100bags/ctn.
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentT/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C at sight
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