Structural formula:
Chemical name: 2-chloroethylphosphonic acid
Molecular Formula: C2H6ClO3P
Molecular weight: 144. 5
CAS No.: [16672-80-07]Physical-chemical properties:
1. Appearance: colorless solid
2. Melting point: 74-75oC
3. Vapor pressure: c. 265oC (decomp. )
4. Boiling point range: <0. 01 mPa (20oC)
5. S. g. /density: 1. 409. 02 (20oC, tech. )
6. Solubility: Readily soluble in water, readily soluble in
methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, acetone, diethyl ether, and
other polar organic solvents. Sparingly soluble in non-polar
organic solvents such as benzene and toluene. Insoluble in
kerosene and diesel oil.
7. Stability: Stable in aqueous solutions having pH <5. At
higher pH, decomposition occurs with the liberation of ethylene.
Sensitive to u. v. irradiation.
Technical specification: 91%, 85%, 80% tech and 70%, 75% liquid, 40%
for tech.
Formulation: 1000g/L, 800g/L, 720g/L, 660g/L, 480g/L and 40%
(W/W) SL for formulation 10%, 5% and 2. 5% for rubber stimulant
Analysis: GC (HG 2311-92) or analysis by measuring ethylene
produced on treatment with concentrated alkaliPackaging: 200L, 120L and 25L plastic drum.Applications:
1. Action: plant growth regulator with systemic properties. It
penetrates into plant tissue, and is decomposed to ethylene;
which affects growth processes.
2. Uses: Widely used to accelerate ripening of fruits, tomato,
sugar beet, coffee, etc; to increase the tillering of wheat and
rice; to prevent lodging in rice, maize and flax; to accelerate
boll opening and defoliation in cotton; to hasten the yellowing
of mature tobacco leaves; to stimulate latex flow in rubber
trees, and resin flow in pine trees; to stimulate early uniform
hull split in walnuts; etc.Toxicology:
1. Oral: acute oral LD50 for rats 4229mg/kg
2. Skin and eyes: acute percutaneous LD50 for rabbits
5730mg/kg. Irritating to skin and eyes
3. Inhalation: LC50 (4h) for rats 6. 26mg/L
4. NOEL: (2y) for rats 3000ppm diet
5. ADI: (JMPR) 0. 05mg/kg b. w.
6. Birds: acute oral LD50 for bobwhite quails 1072mg/kg
7. Fish: LC50 (96h) for carp >140, rainbow trout 720mg/L
8. Bees: not toxic to bees
9. Daphnia EC50 (48h) 577. 4mg/L

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