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Appearance:white powder


Green-Aqua Equipment & Electrical Co.,Ltd, with professional mineral water purification machine factory, is one of the best China mineral water purification machine manufacturers, welcome to wholesale products from us.Mineral Water Purification Machine


Green-Aqua Equipment & Electrical Co.,Ltd, with professional 5gallon labeling machine: factory, is one of the best China 5gallon labeling machine: manufacturers, welcome to wholesale products from us.GRA-DTB(2000BPH) 5gallon Labeling Machine:  Parameter

Fountain Lighting

1. Product DescriptionWe provide many lights for fountains, for instance, floor fountain lights and underwater lights. All lights are with stainless steel shell. The lights' waterproof level is IP68.  All the lights' color can be changed automatically or

Fountain Pumps

1. Product DescriptionWater feature pumps are used in a variety of landscaping and fountain projects to create a water feature or to help the functioning of a small, natural pond. These water pumps use circulate water, improving water quality through aerat

Laminar Jet Fountain

1. Product Descriptionlaminar jet fountain (also known as laminar water jet fountain, laminar jet) could spray out water in arc shape with colorful LED lights , the crystal water segment could fly through the air. The Laminar Jumping Jet Fountain is widely

Fountain Fire

1. Product DescriptionThe fire fountain's shooting speed is controlled by the music beats (the fastest speed is 4-5 times / second). The fire jet uses a special additive formula fuel and will not burn while meet with the flame. The fuel is safe and rel

Bridge Waterfall

1. Product DescriptionA bridge waterfall (also called fountain bridge) is a water feature or fountain for bridges. The waterfall works with the colorful changing lights at the night and can be a attraction for the sightseeing2. Company InformationT.Y

Artificial Waterfall

1. Product DescriptionAn artificial waterfall is a water feature or fountain which imitates a natural waterfall. Waterfalls are usually featured in gardens, where they can serve to highlight a scene or make focus. Pool waterfalls installed inside o

Floating Fountain

1. Product DescriptionFloating fountain (floating water fountain, floating fountains, floating fountains) system is a kind of big fountain project for lake or river. Based on floating system, floating water Fountain can go up to the water surface while it

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