Earthworm Powder ( Lumbricus Rubellus )


The earthworm meal accelerates growth, develops muscles, puts on weight, covers protein and amino acid deficiency, improves sexual performance, stimulates the appetite, makes feeds more attractive because animals become compulsively attracted by feeds that contain earthworm meal, so the animals come to feed better and waste is avoided. That is they become stronger, beautiful, gain weight, and become happier.
Earthworm meal is recommended for:
- Fish, frog, and crustacean breeding
- Ornamental fish breeding
- Aviculture and sportive birds
- Chinchillas and ornamental birds
- Equitation, race, and domestic horses
- Cattle, swine, sheep, and goat studs
- Dairy cattle
- Pet food


By adding only 3 grams of the meal a day into any horse's diet(consideringa 400-kg adult horse), within around 20 days a gain from 20-30 KG muscular mass will be obtained. A diet with earthworm meal must be administered together with systematic exercise.
- Stimulates the appetite
- Quickly augments the muscular mass
- Improves the strength and speed
- Bones and hoofs become stronger and more resistant
- Improves the sexual performance
- Most beautiful and shiny pelage
- Appropriate for recovering weak ill animals
- Makes feeds attractive, and waste is avoided
- Animals become happier and alert
In experiments with horses, it proved to accelerate expectoration after pneumonia, and a powerful natural anabolizer, which due to its completely digestible amino acids, develops the muscular, not fat, mass becoming much stronger and resistant. It is recommended for improving slow and weak horses' performance on the riding rings.


- Accelerates growth, puts on weight, around 35 percent, in 35% shorter period.
DOSAGE: It should be the least, as it is a high-concentrated product. In research with medium-sized animals(50kg) only half a gram a day was administered. Based on this amount for the weight above, we know that a fowl needs only some milligrams a day.


Especially recommended for: FEMALES, LARVAE, POST-LARVAE, FRY, TADPOLES.
- Ceases cannibalism
- Avoids mortality
- Optimises nutrition
- Accelerates growth
- Puts on weight
- Stimulates and augments reproductive function(itcontains pheromone)
- Relieves stress for fry before and after conveying it
- Increases profitability within over 80 percent
- In experiments with carps, trout, and other fresh-water fish in several Brazilian states, besides being a powerful cannibalism inhibitor the earthworm meal proved to accelerate the process in tanks with female animals, larvae, and tadpoles, and doubles its size in half the time, freeing the tanks earlier so raising profitability.

DOSAGE: Must be add only 2 % in larvae and 3 % in post-larvae. It should be the least, as it is a high concentrated product.

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.EPC-1012
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentT/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C at sight
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