Dried Pink Rose Bud

Since long ago, the properties of rose flower have been used in different ways especially in medical sciences. According to some available evidence this kind of use was first made in iran.

This plant is a wild type and not any kind of granular fertilizer and pesticides are used to grow such plants. Non-chemical materials are used either.
According to the chinese ancient pharmacopoeia "roses are clear and kind; it is said that they can invigorate the circulation of blood and keep us pretty and healthy.
Consequently, the dried rose is organic and natural production. This plant is a bushy with 1.6 meter height and 1.2 meter width. Flowers of this plant are usually individual and appear on two years old stems and its color is light red and the time of flowering is about the first of spring.


The pleasant smell of this rose bud is because of (c10h18o) which is a chemical material and it is mostly in epidermal cells of petal which causes the formally of other of rose bud. So these chemical components are divided in two sections as fallows:

A) solid state, that is called stearoptene which is crystallized solid with no smell and the 33 c melting point.

B) liquid state that is called oteoptene with strong pleasant smell and the taste is little sweet containing the following composition.

C10h18o with large of 45 till 70 %
C12h20o with large of 20 till 40 %

Synonym names:

R. Damascena var. Bifera
R. Calendarum borkh
R. Gallica var. Demascena vss
Rose of castille
Omar khayam rose

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