What is Coir Fibre?
Coir from Sri Lanka is low cost, very lightweight fibre used in a variety of products. It remains stiff when wet,
and itshydroscopic nature holds liquids well.
A completely natural fibre, coco fibre is a renewable resource that's 100%biodegradable.
ABOUT Coir - Coconut Fiber
Although most residents of the temperate zone are familiar with sweetened, grated coconut and its use in cookies andconfections, most would be unfamiliar with the tremendous importance of other uses of coconut in tropical areas.  In thetropics, coconut and bamboo are thought of as two of the most useful and important plants.  This shows that the importance ofplants cannot be based upon temperate zone standards or biases.Most people are familiar with the seed of coconut, which isall you ever see in the markets.  Actually this consists of a stony inner fruit wall with the seed inside, rather like apeach pit.  The seed is largely hollow with a solid layer of endosperm around the outside.  Endosperm is a special tissueproviding nutrition for the embryo, the baby plant.  The cylindrical coconut embryo will be found embedded in the endospermunder one of the three "eyes".  At one time the entire hollow seed was filled with liquid endosperm.  Coconut or copra, theproduct, is shredded endosperm.  Coconut endosperm is also an source of a high melting point fat, an important cooking fat inthe tropics. Less familiar to people who have never picked a coconut is the fibrous fruit surrounding the seed.  The fruitis adapted for dispersal by water, and coconut seeds can float in seawater for months and the seed remain viable.  Thuscoconuts dispersed and colonized tropical beaches around the Pacific; later humans carried coconut to virtually all tropicalareas.  The coarse structural fibers in coconut fruits, called coir, are composed of vascular bundles and are similar to therather stiff, hard fibers obtained from monocot leaves (manila hemp, sisal, henequen).  Because they are tough and naturallyresistant to seawater, coconut fibers are used to make floor mats, heavy cord, and the coarse nets used in shellfishaquaculture.  You might have a coconut fiber mat by your door.

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Place Of OriginSri Lanka
Brand NameCoir
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentWestern Union,MoneyGram
Supply Ability5000 Kilogram per Month
Minimum Order1000 Kilogram
Delivery Lead TimeON TIME
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