Coconut Rope

Many Greetings from Global Group of Companies-Malaysia
Thank you so much for your valuable interest to showing in our products
We pleased to submit some more information's about our Coir Ropes also called curled coir. We will send u the Commercial offer ASAP based on your purchasing requirements.
Our Coir Ropes facts and Specification as Follows;
It is a Natural 100% biodegradable and derived from Coconut Fiber its derived from Coconut Trees. World Best Grade of Coconut Fiber found in Sothern Part of India. Some mattress fibre is allowed to retain more moisture so that it retains its elasticity for 'twisted' fibre production.
The coir fibre is elastic enough to twist without breaking and it holds a curl as though permanently waved. Twisting is done by simply making a rope of the hank of fibre and twisting it using a machine or by hand. Brown coir is used in brushes, doormats, mattresses and sacking. A small amount is also made into twine. Pads of curled brown coir fibre, made by needle-felting (a machine technique that mats the fibres together) are shaped and cut to fill mattresses and for use in erosion control on river banks and hillsides.
Basic Specifications;
Product Name: Coir Rope (Curled Coir)
Color: Brown or Golden
Quantity: Subject to Confirm, / -10%
Packing: Bundle's, Each Buldle Weight 30KG Avg
Specifications: -
1) Moisture: -20% MAX
2) Impurity: -03% MAX
3) Dust: -01% MAX
4) Twining (Curling) : 16-20 Twining / Feet
5) Weight: 80-100 Grams per (Square Meter)
6) Stuffing: Approx 25 / 40HC
7) Payment: Strictly by TT
8) Characteristics: Well Cleaned and uniformed Diameter-Average 30MM
We can supply you to the following products;
* Sisal Fiber Rope
* Sisal Fibers
* Palmyra Finbers
* Coconut Fibers
* Coconut Fiber Rope
* White FIBRE
* Organic Pith Soil Conditioner
* Low EC Pith
* High EC Pith
* Coconut Shell Charcoal
* Tamarind
* Cardamom
Please feel free to contact us for further contracts or inquiry; we will do our best to assist you. Thank you for your consideration. We are looking forward to receiving your favorable reply.

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.ICR
Place Of OriginMalaysia / India
Brand NameGlobal Coirs
Packaging30KG Bundeles
Price TermsFOB Upon Request USD Upon Request
Terms Of PaymentL/C,T/T
Supply Ability450MT/Month
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