Coco Peat

It is a Natural Organic Substance. .
Coco peat can be used for seed starting, bedding plants, container plants, vegetable gardens, Hydroponics, Potted Plants, Golf course greens, New lawns, Potting mixes, green houses, Flower gardens, Rose cultivation, Re-planting, Mushroom farming, Bonsai mixes, Garden beds and Growing medium for Earth worms and all kinds of landscaping, general horticulture purposes. The properties of Coco Peat make it resistant to bacterial and fungal growth.
Coco Peat holds water rather than shedding it like traditional peat does! It retains moisture up to 8 times of its volume.
Coco Peat has the ability to store and release nutrient to plants for extended periods of time. It also has great oxygenation properties which is important for healthy root development.
It has a pH of 5. 5-6. 8 which is neutral to slightly acidic. This makes it great for alkaline garden soils.
Easy to use! Just put your compressed Coco Peat brick in a container, add 4 quarts of warm water and let it sit until the water is absorbed, fluff it up and you are ready to use Coco Peat!
Coco Peat can even be reused for up to 4 years!
Vermiculture: Coco peat makes a great bedding material for worm bins! It's actually good for them and increases worm growth by 25% .
Coco Peat is very slow to disintegrate, whereas peat breaks down within two years after application, Coco Peat only begins to break down when it is 10 years old, long term benefits.
Specification Analysis:
Low Electrical Conductivity Grade< 00. 50 Ms / cm
High Electrical Conductivity Grade > 03. 50 Ms / cm
PH 5. 5-6. 8
Break Out Volume 76 Liters to 81 Liters
Block Dimensions Cm 30 x 30 x 12 + / -1CM
Block Weight Kgs 5 + / -3%
Compression ratio 6: 1
Appearance Brown Natural Organic Substance
Potassium 3. 24
Sodium 5. 24
Chlorine 3. 35
Manganese 12. 45
Air filled porosity 19%
Total Porosity 89%
Water holding capacity 910
Dry Bulk density g / cc 0. 11
Solids% 3%
Moisture% 10-14%
Fibre 0%
>4MM 00
>2MM 08
>850 Micron 31
>425 Micron 39
>250 Micron 16
>150 Micron 04

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.ICP
Place Of OriginMalaysia/India
Brand NameGlobal Peats
PackagingAs per Requirements, Without Pallet, Palletize
Price TermsFOB Subject to Request USD Subject to Request
Terms Of PaymentL/C,T/T
Supply AbilitySubject to Confirm
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