Clear Shield II

A non-toxic, biodegradable barrier classified as a cosmetic, Clear Shield II(CSII)can be applied to multiple skin areas. Within 5 minutes after application, CSII creates an invisible resistance, protecting skin from many irritants. It will not wash off, but rather dissipates over a 4-hour period as skin cells are sloughed. In addition to protecting many skin areas, CSII provides valuable moisturizing ingredients,(lanolinAloevera gel/skin-softening antioxidant, vitamin E) Skin protection products have been used in Europe for many years, CSII is among the first barriers to be broadly marketed to U. S. Consumers. It is a sophisticated proprietary formulation offering maximum skin protection w/out a greasy, sticky feeling. The lanolin, Aloe vera gel, and vitamin E in CSII nurtures skin while protecting it. CSII Benefits:
Protects against dermal exposure to chemicals at work and home; Transforms outer skin layer into a tough barrier; Alleviates dry skin; Prevents damage caused by dryness; Odors/stains/dirt and chemicals wash away, but skin protection remains; Skin perspires normally; Resists washing off;Enhances natural healing process of extremely dry skin;Safe, nontoxic, nonirritating, biodegradable; Applies easily/quickly; Economical - 400+ applications.
CSII Suggested Uses: May help protect against diaper rash, provids a barrier that protects skin from urine that causes irritation/rashes/sores. Yet, it remains non-toxic and safe for use on infants. Provides same protection for adults with bladder control problems. Skin barrier creams are widely used in nursing homes. CSII provides protection against effects of harsh shampoos, hair sprays, perm. Wave solutions, low- grade peroxides, and most tints/dyes. Technicians are advised to continue wearing gloves to apply dyes, as some deep colors, due to unique molecular configuration, may pass through the barrier a/w/a discolor fingernails. CSII protects nail technicians and clients from the effects of acetone and other strong chemicals in acrylics, fiberglass and gel nails. Important to apply product to cuticle and skin behind/below the nail. CSII provides a barrier against tender/abused skin that can be irritated in food preparation process. Protects skin from further abuse even with frequent washings. Strong odors and potentially irritating food chemicals such as onions/garlic/fish wash off with soap/water instead of penetrating the skin and lingering for hours. CSII protects against commercial cleaning compounds, industrial-strength oven cleaners and drain cleaners. CSII provides additional protection for dental hygienists, surgeons, dentist, physicians, nurses, and other health professionals WHO frequently wear latex/vinyl gloves, or wash their hands frequently. CSII will not provide protection against the inhalation of airborne latex particles

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.6623
Place Of OriginGreensboro, North Carolina
Brand NameClear Shield II
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentT/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C at sight
Supply AbilityInstock
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