Chitosan Oligosaccharin

Oligosacchrides that cause hormonal effect on
Plant. Some of these responses include stem
Elongation, stimulation of ethylene production
And antagonizing auxine, but the they are best
Known for elicitation of various defensive
It has been found that when fungus, attacks a
Plant, beta glucanase, is biosynthesized by the
Plant cell wall. This substance then proceeds to
Degrade the fungal cell wall, fragments from
Which amplify the effect. Some of fragments
Are beta glucans, another oligosacchrin, which
Began the production of the phytoalexins, lead
To lignine synthesis and promote ethylene
Foremation. Lignine production strengthens the
Cell walls.
It can start and regulate directly effect the
Opening and closing of certain gens and
Regulate process of plant growth. Oligosaccharin can reduce and eliminate the encroachment of pathogenic agent especially against fungal infection, which are difficult to control.
Product has no poison, no residue and fit for
Chitosan oligosaccharin can activate plant and
Induce plant to produce antiviral substance.
It is pathogenic analogue, by immunization principal, it can induce plant to produce antiviral substances and efficiently control fungal, bacteria
As a high efficient chetosan activating gene, it can replace other plant hormones to regulate the process of growth. Root, development enhance photosynthesis,
It contains metal chalet organic macro molecular substances and stable slow release system of micro mental elements. So it can efficiently control
Physiological diseases of plant.
Chitin Metabolism: A target for antifungal

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