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Buy 4MEO-PCP,5-Meo-DMT,5-Meo-AMT ,5-Meo-MIPT

We provide and export high quality and purity research chemicals in large and small quantities ... our products is as below: Our products are of high purity (above 99.9%).Please email to: winter@cn-gaosheng.com1P-LSD, 2-AI,2NE1 + APICA,3,4-CTMP,3-FPM, 3-MM

2,5-Dimethyl-2,5-di(Tert.butylperoxy)hexane CAS No

1.PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Chemical name2,5-Dimethyl-2,5-Bis(Tert.butylperoxy)hexane,liquidCAS No.78-63-7Molecular formula/weightC16H34O4=290.4Theoretical active oxygen11.02%2.SPECIFICATION Assay95% min.Color(Hazen)60 max.3.CHARACTERISTICS Form/ColorLight yello

Di-tert.butyl Peroxide CAS No 110-05-4 Short Name

1.PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Chemical nameDi-Tertiary Butyl PeroxideCAS No.110-05-4Molecular formula/weightC8H18O2=146.2Theoretical active oxygen10.94%2.SPECIFICATION AppearanceColorless to pale yellow clear liquidAssay98.5% min.Color(HAZEN)60 max.3.CHARACTERISTI

Di(2,4-dichlorobenzoyl)peroxide CAS No 133-14-2 Sh

1.PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Chemical nameDi(2,4-dichlorobenzoyl) peroxide,paste 50% in silicone oilCAS-No.133-14-2Molecular formula/weightC14H6O4Cl4=380.10Theoretical active oxygen4.21%2.SPECIFICATION AppearanceOff-white pasteAssay50.0% min.3.CHARACTERISTICS Col

Mixed Type Snow Melting Chemical Composition :NACL

Mixed type snow melting chemical composition :NACL,MgCL26H2O,CACL22H2OYUZE1-Snow Melt AgentMain ingredients: Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, Anti Rust Agent, Plant Protection Agent The inorganic deicing salt NaCl and CaCl2 can effective the snow a

The Manufacture Of Calcium Chloride For Water Trea

The manufacture of calcium chloride for water treatment madein china1. Usage: Calcium chloride is used to increase the water hardness in swimming pools. This process reduces the erosion of the concrete in the pool. By Le Chatelier's principle and the comm

Factory Direct Supply CAS NO 7761-88-8 And Formula

Factory direct supply CAS NO 7761-88-8 and formula AgNO3 high purity 99.8% Silver nitrate Silver nitrate is an inorganic compound with chemical formula AgNO3. This compound is a versatile precursor to many other silver compounds, such as those used in pho

Industrial Grade Pure 47%min and 42% White Flakes

Industrial grade pure 47%min and 42% white flakes magnesium chloride1. SpecificationMF:MgCl2.6H2OClassification: Inorganic salt CAS No.: 7791-18-6 Place of origin: Weifang, ShandongAppearance: white flakesBrand Name: YUZETESTING ITEMS Magnesium chloride4

The Manufacture of Best Quality industrial Magnesi

The manufacture of best quality industrial magnesium chloride pellets and granularsFeatures:Appearance: pellets ,granular,prilled magnesium chloride.Color:pure white Purity:MgCl2 47% min.Solubility in Water:clear ,and impurity freeItemStandardConclusionAp

Industrial Grade Magnesium Chloride Yellow Flakes

Industrial grade magnesium chloride yellow flakes factory in china ●MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE 46% LIGHT YELLOW FLAKES ●MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE 40-44%  YELLOW  FLAKE Name: Magnesium ChlorideGrade: Industry gradeMolecular formula: MgCl2·6H2O/MgCl2HS code: 2827

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