Caapi Soul Extract

Banisteriopsis Caapi:
Banisteriopsis Caapi, also known as Ayahuasca, Caapi or Yage, is a South American jungle vine of the family Malpighiaceae. It contains the beta-carboline harmala alkaloids and MAOIs harmine, harmaline, and tetrahydroharmine.
The Harmala alkaloid Harmine, also known as Telepathine and Banisterine, is a naturally occurring beta-carboline alkaloid that is structurally related to harmaline. Harmine and harmaline are reversible monoamine oxidase inhibitors. They can stimulate the CNS by inhibiting the metabolism of serotonin and other monoamines such as tryptamines.
Harmine and Tetrahydroharmine are the major alkaloids found in Banisteriopsis Caapi with only trace ammounts of Harmaline. Harmaline has the strongest MAO inhibiting power of the three, but the side effects may be unpleasant. Tetrahydroharmine is just a very mild MAOI. Harmine is possibly the key alkaloid responsible for the positive effects of this plant.
The alkaloid content of B. Caapi vary depending on many factors such as age of the vine, plant source, season, etc.
The average Caapi plant has a 0.45% total alkaloid content (ref1) (1g of alkaloids per 220g of dried vine) with some specimens fount to have as little as 0. 05% . It is not possible to know how much alkaloid the plant contains until it has been harvested and tested, which makes its study more difficult.
Caapi Soul:
For research purposes we have created Caapi-Soul.
Caapi-Soul is an extract containing mainly Harmine and a synergetic combination of harmaline and tetrahydroharmine that capture the pure soul of Caapi.
Our extract contains the following alkaloid levels:
Harmine----------85% (Enhanced)
Total alkaloid content: 95% minium.
Caapi-Soul is not available to Australia, Canada or France.
( ref1: reported analyses of B. caapi plants, Jonathan Ott)

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