[COMMON NAME]: Butachlor. [CHEMICAL NAME]: N-butoxy methyl--2'-6'-diethyl-chloro acetyl anilide. [PHYSICAL & CHEMICAL PROPERTIES]: The pure butachlor is yellowish oily liquid. b.p.156/66.7Pa,
v.p. 610-4Pa/25, 1.07. Slightly dissolves in water, easily dissolves
in most organic solvents. The industrial grade is amber oily liquid.
[TOXICITY]: Low poisoning to human being and cattles. Poisoning to fishes. Emulsion
oil's LD50 for big ablino rat acute oral is 3300mg/kg, for rabbit dermal poison
LD50 is 4080mg/kg.
[PREVENTION & CURE OBJECTS]: Butachlor is a kind of selective herbicide before sprout.
It is principally used for control weeds of some one year grass family and
nutgrass flatsedge family as well as some weeds of broadleaf in rice field. It
also can be used in seedbed, seed transplant field as well as in some crops fields
such as wheat, barley, beet, cotton, rape, vegetables and peanut etc. Usually
take surface treatment of the pre-sprout soil, apply in paddy field after seeding.
The effective dose is 750-1500g/hectare. The spray, mix with soil and water-mix
etc. methods are used in application.
[ANALYTLCAL METHOD]: Gas chromatography. [PACKING]: 200L/drum, or as per client's requirement. [Formulation]: 60EC, 60EW [NOTES]: 1. This product is harmful to fishes, residue and washed water cannot be poured into
river, lake and pond. It is not suitable for sandy soil and leakage soil.
2. Make good protection for mix and application of this product and operate under
good ventilation to avoid poisoning.
3. It should appropiately increase the dose of butachlor when the soil contents high
organic matter or covered with green manure; barnyard after transplant in paddy

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