Bromacil Features: 1) Chemical name: 5-bromo-3-sec-butyl-6-methyluracil 2) Molecular formula: C9H13BrN2O2 3) Molecular weight: 261.1 4) CAS number: 314-40-9 5) Specification: 95% tech, 80% WP 6) Physical and chemical properties: a) Pure bromacil is colourless crystal solid b) Solubility (25°C): 815mg/L in water; 96g/kg 0.9M in NaOH, 201g/kg in
acetone, 77g/kg in acetonitrile, 155g/kg in ethanol, 33g/kg in toluene c) Can be decomposed by strong acid d) Formulation for water-solubility couldn't mix with toluene e) Salt with calcium may cause deposit 7) Toxicity: a) Acute oral LD50: 5,200mg/kg (rat) b) Acute percutaneous LD50: above 5,000mg/kg (rabbit) 8) Stimulation to skin of young guinea pigs, no stimulation to grow up guinea pigs
9) Acute inhalation LD50: above 4.8mg/L (rat) 10) 2 year feeding trials NOEL:250mg/kg diet for rats and dogs; LD50 (96h) 10,000mg/L for mallard and quail; sunfish 71mg/L; rainbow trout 75mg/L;carp 164mg/L 11) Functions: a) No selective systemic herbicides b) Controls ruderal with 5 - 15kg AI/ha, annual and perennial ruderal with 2 - 4kg/ha, years ruderal with 3.2 - 8.0kg/ha and 1.8 - 5.5kg/ha in pineapple
c) Effect may be kept more than one season in high dosage Packing: 25kg/fibre drum

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