Black Cumin Oil

Black cumin oil is cold-pressed by at our own cold-press facility in Istanbul, Turkey. Using only the highest quality Turkish Black Cumin seeds, our oil guaranteed to be 100% pure, fresh, and un-refined. So, unlike imported oils, you will know that our oil is fresh and has been cold-pressed.
Botanical Information:
Family: Ranunculaceae (Buttercup)
Taxon: Nigella sativa (Latin)
Parts Used: Seeds
The seeds are tiny (1-2 mm long) and black. They have a strong, spicy, peppery taste.
Ypical Composition
Protein 21-23%
Carbohydrates 29-30%
Fats 34-38%
Of which:
Saturated 18. 1%
Monosaturated 23. 8%
Polyunsaturated 58. 1%
Fibre 4-7%
Moisture 4-5%
Ash 5-8%
Total Fats
Total Fats 35-38%
Of which:
Saturated 18. 1%
Monounsaturated 23. 8%
Polyunsaturated 58. 1%
Essential Oils (1. 4% )
Carvone 21. 1%
Alfa-Pinene 7. 4%
Sabinene 5. 5%
Beta-Pinene 7. 7%
P-cymene 46. 8%
Others 11. 5%
Vitamin A 10. 8 ug / g
Thiamin 15 ug / g
Riboflavin 1 ug / g
Pyridoxine 5 ug / g
Niacin 57 ug / g
Folacin 610 IU / g
Vitamin C 87. 2 IU / g
Calcium 1. 859 mg / g
Copper 18 ug / g
Iron 105 ug / g
Phosphorus 5. 265 mg / g
Zinc 60 ug / g
Protein 208 ug / g
Fatty Acids
Myristic Acid (C14: 0) 0. 5%
Palmitic Acid (C16: 0) 13. 7%
Palmitoleic Acid (C16: 1) 0. 1%
Steartic Acid (C18: 0) 2. 6%
Oleic Acid (C18: 1) 23. 7%
Linoleic Acid (C18: 2) (Omega-6) 57. 9%
Linolenic Acid (18: 30) (Omega-3) 0. 2%
Arachidic Acid (C20: 0) 1. 3
P. S.: As with any natural crop the analysis of Black Cumin will vary from crop to crop and location to location depending on climate, soil, rainfall and method of cultivation.

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.Black Cumin Oil
Place Of OriginTurkey
Brand NameKral Elmas A.S.
Packaging100gr bottles/ 250gr bottle/500gr bottle/1kg bottle
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentT/T,CASH
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