We are selling this product in India & also getting orders of aboard. Results are excellent in diary animals & other mammals.
This product is also called aulprofem is an international patent formula that produces female offsprings in dairy animals and other mammals. Brand name is "aulprofem" which is highly introduced in India.
Description: Aulprofem is an international patent formula that produces female offsprings in dairy animals and other mammals. The patent rights of this drug are applicable in 27 countries of the world including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, new Zealand, France, Germany etc. This is the first drug of its kind in the world to produce female off-springs on oral administration.
Sex detennination is a process of ascertaining the sex of a foetus, embryo or zygote in thewomb or related parts of genitaltract of the mother by processes like amniocentesis, ultra sound scan, etc. Sex selection is the process of selecting foeta, embryos, or zygotes of a particular sex and destroying or aborting the ones of the opposite sex. Sex assignment and determination is the process where conditions are created such that only the zygotes, embryos or foeta of a specitled sex are conceived and even the question of conceivement of ones of opposite sex does not arise. This process can conveniently also be called sex fixing.
Methods of sex fixing: Two methods are there: -
1. Ln vitro method: This is also called un-natural method and usually involves the processes including super-ovulation, aespiration of ova from the donor mother, inseminating in culture medium stage and then transfer of embryos to the womb of a recipient mother usually in the blastula stage. This whole process is called test tube baby technique and sex of the embryos is determined usually in blastula stage outside the mother's body and embryos of a particular sex are selected and others rejected and destroyed. This process has poor success rate and involves the risk of genetic complications in embryos. Most of the scientists have worked on this line,2. In vivo method: This is also called natural method and sex fixing is attempted by use of certain chemicals, sera and agents like clomiphence citrate, globulins, magenesim, sodium etc. Salts of variuos organic acids, glycerols, etc. Many claims and counter claims of success are reported in scientific history, this way.
References: -
1. Study on a formulation to alter sex ratios in dairy bovine animals. Drugs research reporter. March 2000. P23 - 26
2. International bureau, world intellectual property organisation, geneva, Switzerland, world publication wo/o2-47574a1. June 22,2002. PCT/in00/00125
Adverse effects: Not reported, in various pharmacopoeias the drug is reported in most safe categories.
Dosage:250 ml, as a single dose.
Storage: Below 25 c in a cool, dark and dry place. Supply: In bottles of 250 ml

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.The International Patent Formula
Place Of OriginIndia
CertificationThe International Patent Formula
Price TermsFOB L/C USD $ 7
Terms Of PaymentL/C,M/T,D/D
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