Astragalus Root Extracts. Polysaccharides

Astragalus Root Extracts.
Standardized Extracts available:

Astragalosides0.3% by HPLC
Astragalus Polysaccharides 50%by UV

Common Names: Astragalus, Huang-qi, Milk-Vetch Root, Huang Ch'i, Tragacanth, Gum Dragon, Milk Vetch, Canada Milk Vetch, Membranous Milk Vetch, Slender Milk Vetch, Standing Milk Vetch, Astragali, Huang Qi (Chinese), Beg Kei, Bei Qi, Hwanggi.

Scientific/Medical Name(s): Astragalus membranaceus

Brief Instruction:
Most of the scientific data on astragalus comes from Chinese clinical evidence, where astragalus appears to stimulate the immune system in patients with infections. At least one clinical trial in the U. S. Has shown astragalus to boost T-cell levels close to normal in some cancer patients, suggesting the possibility of a synergistic effect of astragalus with chemotherapy.

The plant is one of the oldest used medicinally, dating to about 200 BCE. It was known even then to balance the body systems and especially good for the lungs and spleen. The yellow colour of the root contributes to the Chinese name, huang qi, meaning "yellow leader". It has been used in China for thousands of years to strengthen qi (pronounced "chee"), the body's life force and protective energy. In Western terminology, this means to strengthen the immune system.

Some Basic Key Functions from classical and modern clinical study proved:

1. General Tonic: Raises immune resistance, improves physical endurance, and encourages the body systems to function correctly.
2. Invigorates qi to elevate yang.
3, Astragalus benefit uterine bleeding.
4, Astragalus increase immune system.
5. Astragalus benefit liver and act as antibiotics.
6, Astragalus used for old disease and more others.
7, Astragalus used for treatment of the kidneys.
8, Astragalus used to treat infertile men.
9, Astragalus treatment for cancer.
10. Astragalus treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(CFS).
11, Astragalus used to treat AIDS.
12. Medicinal Indications of astragalus root.

For more than 2,000 years, Chinese herbalists have used astragalus to supposedly help the human body build up energy and resist disease. It is the most commonly used herb in Chinese medicine. Conventional medical practitioners have recently become interested in the possibility that astragalus might lessen the side effects of chemotherapy.

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.S002.S003
Place Of OriginChina
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Price TermsFOB CN USD 30
Terms Of PaymentL/C,D/A,T/T,M/T,D/D,CASH,D/P
Supply Abilitybulk
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