apparel processing service

Dear All,

We having one knitted garmentmanufacturing unit is free for making knitted garments stitching roundthe clock with skilled workers available.

Actually we are indiabased company now free for the buyers & exporters to use it onlyfor stitching with skilled workers of the company.

What companyexpect from you is  to give all the raw materials needed in productionfrom yarn to packing accessories,we provide our service of completingthat order stitching and packing and exporting as per your guidance.

So company involves only in stitching the garments and packing and all the raw materials are needed from buyer.

In other word we need stitching job order

We need only USD$ 0.15cents of profit for any styles,but we need year round work to execute this service.


Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.451
Place Of OriginIndia
Brand Namejob order
Packagingas per requirement
Price TermsFOB any USD 0.20~100
Terms Of PaymentL/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
Supply Ability2000 Piece/Pieces per Day
Minimum Order10000 Piece/Pieces
Delivery Lead Time30days
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