Amino Acids Protein Hyderolysate

Hyderolysate is obtained by enzymatic digestion of milk or Soya meal or fish protein. It contains range of nutrients life Free Amino Acids. It is unique natural combination of 18 essential Amino Acids. These are easily absorbed in plant systems. Amino acids are available as solid spray dried powder or liquid solution. This powder if fully soluble in water and can be dissolved in water to prepare formulation of required concentration. These amino acids are used as plant growth boosters in Agriculture. Amino acids are required by plant for synthesis of most important enzymes and hormones needed for completing metabolic activities. Most of protein syntheses are due to amino acids that are known as building blocks of any life (plant or animal) . As such all amino acids are essential but many play important roll in life of plant. Such as:
Amino acid is responsible for flower initiation & early fruiting.
It is important in promoting growth, as is biostimulator.
Amino acid plays an important roll in Nitrogen
It increases fighting power of plant against pest.
Amino acid, which is requires for chlorophyll synthesis.
It is needed to maintain water equilibrium and it improve cell wall strength. Due to both activities it helps plant to over come water stress.
External application of amino acid is profitable in agriculture. Many agriculture universities have conducted trials and it is concluded that, when amino acid are sprayed on Cotton, Chilies, Groundnut, Sunflower, Tomato, Potato, Grapes, Tea, Coffee, Paddy, & Wheat. Increase yield was recorded.
Dosages: It is recommended to market 12% solution of amino acid with or without suitable trace elements,
Minerals and plant growth regulators (NAA, 6-BA,
Cytokinine, ATCA) . 1-2 ml of this formulation per Ltr of
Water is require to be mixed and should be applied to crop at every vital stage of crop. High volume spray is
Recommended to cover crop fully. About 250-400 ml amino solution is required to cover one acre with 200-300 Ltr water. When low volume spray pump is used 200-250 ml amino solution to be mixed with 60-80 Ltr of water. Most important stage is flower initiation, and fruit formation. These stages must be covered.

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