Aloe Vera Juice

This is manufactured by the AALIYA PHARMA. \
( Reg by the Government of India) .
1) Alocid (Fibrous) Aloevera Juice:
Ingredients: Aloe Vera Juice*Approved Preservatives Added
Indications: As a Nutritional Supplement Immunomodulator and in general debility.
Dosage: 30ml to 60 ml off Alocid flavors ALOCID fibrous taken once a day purifies body internally and improves metabolism.
2) Alocid Karela Jamun:
Ingredients: Karela + Jamun + Amla + Neem + Methi + Class II Preservative in Permitted Quantity No artificial colour.
Disclaimer: This product is a health supplement not medicine we do not useful make any claim regarding its benefits. In fact its ingredients have own nature to heal / prevent / cure / control any aliment or problem in one or other way as described in ancient Indian Scriptures.
Alocid Karela Jamun Supplement: Bitter Gourd is blood purifier, activates spleen and liver + kidney, Heart protection Eye prelha which side effect take through medicine and highly beneficial for diabetic patients, The plants contains properties similar to insulin (Charantia) , which is invaluable in controlling blood and urine sugar, There is absolutely no side effect, 100% safe and can in fact the consumed by a healthy person also.
Dosage: -20 ml to 30 ml, Mix with water twice add plane water as per your taste.

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