Agricultural Fertilizers, Urea 46%

Marketplace UkrRos LLC (one of the biggest export management companies in the whole CIS), being exclusive representative of the leading CIS Urea producers has opportunity to make constant deliveries of high-quality Urea at affordable price.

We can meet all your requirements in timely and professional manner. If you are interested in buying Urea 46%, kindly send us your LOI with required products quality and quantity, preferred terms of payment and delivery. The LOI is to be on the letterhead, signed and sealed and contain your banking information. As soon as we get your LOI, we`ll proceed with Full corporate offer.

Specification: Nitrogen 46% N min.
Moisture 0.5% max.
Biuret 1.0% max.
Granulation 1 - 4 MM not less than 90%
Melting point 132 degrees Celsius
Colour Pure White, Non radioactive
Physical Prilled Free flowing, treated against caking,100% free of harmful substances and free Ammonia 160 PPM max.

Buying urea from Ukraine (Debunking the myths).

Recently, we`ve been contacted by hundreds of entrepreneurs from the EU, Asia and North America, who want to import urea from Ukraine. They say that saw lots of advertisements all over the internet to export urea from Ukraine in unlimited quantities. Because we have very good relations with all major Ukrainian urea producing plants and know this market, we decided to debunk some myths and reveal the truth on Ukrainian urea market as well as to teach buyers how to avoid most common mistakes.

General overview.
As it is well known, Ukraine is one of the leading producers and exporters of nitrogen fertilizers in the world. Currently, chemical industry products amount up to 10% of Ukrainian exports (around 90% - nitrogen fertilizers). Ukrainian share of global mineral fertilizer market is about 10%. Ukraine sells fertilizers to about 70 countries all over the globe (main export destinations are Brazil, Turkey, Mexico, Vietnam and India). Urea amounts to 70% and ammonia nitrate - 20% of Ukrainian nitrogen fertilizer exports.

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.Agricultural Fertilizers, Urea 46%
Place Of OriginUkraine
Brand Name(NH2)2CO, NH4NO3
Packaging50 kg bags, bulk
Price TermsFOB Odesa or Pivdenne USD 230-250
Terms Of PaymentT/T
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