30% ~ 90% Magnolia Bark extract Magnolol +Honokiol

30% ~ 90% Magnolia Bark extract Magnolol +Honokiol Inula racemosa extract PE. 0.2% Alkaloids Isatis indigotica fort extract PE. 60% Indirum Jasmine tea extract PE. 40% Polyphenols (UV-VIS) Kava Kava extract PE. 30% kavalactones (HPLC) Piper methysticum PE. Awa PE. Kola Nut extract PE. 20% Caffeine (HPLC) Kudzu (Pueraria) Root Extract 40%, 60%, 90% Isoflavones Licorice Root extract PE. 10% Glycyirbizic Acid (HPLC) Glycyrrhiza glabra PE. Lycium Extract 15% Polysacchrides Spanish licorice, sweet root Ligusticum extract 10:1 PE. Licorice Extract PE. Glycyrrhiza glabra PE. Spanish licorice, sweet roo Lobelia Intiata extract 4:1 PE. Lotus Leaf extract 20:1 PE. Lovage 15:1 extract PE. Lycium extract 15:1 PE. Lycoris radiata extract PE. 80% Alkaloids Ma Huang extract (Ephedra) PE. 8% Total Alkaloids Macleaya cordata extract 60% Alkaloids Magnolia Bark extract 20:1 PE. 30% ~ 90% Magnolol +Honokiol Maitake Mushroom extract PE. 15% Polysaccharides (UV-VIS) Malva Verticillata extract 4:1 PE. Medicago extract PE. 10% Coumestrol Milk Thistle extract PE. 80% Silymarin (HPLC) Silybum marianum PE. St. Mary's Thistle Morinda Root extract 4:1 PE. Motherwort extract 5:1 PE. Moutan Bark extract 20:1 PE. Mucuna extract PE. 10% L-Dopa Mulberry extract 4:1 PE. Mulberry Mistletoe extract 12:1 PE. Mustard Seed extract 20:1 PE. 5% Nardostachytis 12:1 Ext. Nettle Root /Leaf extract 10:1 PE. 1% Silic Urtica dioica PE. Urtica urens Stinging Nettle Noni extract 2:1 PE. Notoginseng Root extract PE. 80% Notoginsenosides (HPLC) Notopterygium Root extract 12:1 PE. Nuphar Pumilum Root extract 12:1 PE. Nutgrass extract 4:1 PE. Oat Straw extract 10:1 PE. Ocimum sanctum extract PE. 0.2% Alkaloids Olive Leaf extract PE. 6% Oolong Tea extract PE. 30% Polyphenols (UV-VIS) Ovate extract 20:1 PE. Paeonia Lactilora Pall extract PE. 80% Glycoside Passion Flower extract 4:1 PE. Passiflora incarnata PE. Peppermint extract 8:1 PE. Mentha x piperita PE. Phyllanthus niruri extract PE. 3% Bitters Pine Bark extract PE. 95% Anthocyanidins (UV-VIS) Piper nigrum extract PE. 10% Piperine Placenta powder Plantago Herb extract 4:1 PE. Plantago Seed extract 4:1 PE. Poncirus extract 10:1 PE. Poria Cocos extract 6:1 PE. Pu Erh Tea extract PE. 15% Polyphenols (UV-VIS) Pueraria/Kudzu extract PE. 40 / 90% Isoflavones (HPLC) Pumpkin Seed extract 4:1 PE.

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.00023
Place Of OriginChina
Brand Namekinglong
Price TermsFOB Shanghai USD 25
Terms Of PaymentT/T
Supply Ability800T/Y
Delivery Lead Time7
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