100% Organic Xxl Fuel Booster Plus

First of it's kind in the world! The XXL Fuel Booster is derived from pure palm oil, and is specially formulated to work in conjunction with today's fuel for maximum fuel economy and engine performance. With its breakthrough technology, the revolutionary fuel is suitable for use in all types of engines. Besides improving the fuel economy and engine performance, it is also excellent for engine protection.

What is XXL Fuel Booster Plus?

1. The main ingredient is made up of 100% natural plant quintessence.

2. Apart from being a fuel booster it is also a nature lubricant to the
engine's combustion chamber.

3. It is specially design for all types of engines i.e. carburetor, fuel injection and diesel. It can be categorized as a "3 in 1" product.

4. It will not have any negative effects on our human body and environment.

5. Long-term usage of XXL Fuel Booster will further enhance power and
performance of the vehicle. At the same time it will not have any adverse effects to the engine and spark plugs.

6. XXL Fuel Booster works marvelously for racing purpose.

7. This is an environmental friendly product.

8. It is packaged in 100ml bottles which makes it practical and handy.

9. This is technologically advanced product and it is made up of the
concentrate contra sty.

10. The price of XXL Fuel Booster is economical and affordable.

Advantages and Benefits

1) Increase engine power and performance
This can be felt immediately and will further increase the driving pleasure and confidence level.

2) Reduce fuel consumption
Reduction of fuel cost = reduction in cost of living.

3) Reduce carbon deposits
With cleaner combustion chamber, the cost of maintenance will be reduced and lengthen the life span of the car.

4) Reduce friction
Resulting in a lower maintenance cost, a quieter and smoother engine also minimizes the interference of the car audio system.

5) Easy ignition
This is especially good to cold start an engine. This will lengthen the life-span of the starter and the car

6) Reduce black smoke emission
This will definitely contribute to a more environment friendly society. Less emission of black smoke will greatly reduce the risks of being in trouble with the authority for this issue.

It is superior in quality, 100% pure and completely free of sludge.
It is the only concentrated fuel booster in the market with fuel booster to petrol ratio of 1:1000. Hence it is very economical and practical.
It can boost up the engine horsepower rapidly.
Its content will not settle or solidify and you can obtain optimum results even under cold weather condition.
It is environmental friendly as it improves fuel economy and reduces air pollution.

XXL Fuel Booster can be used for motorcycles, cars, vans trucks and all machinery using petrol and diesel.

Sales Terms & Specifications:

Model No.Fuel Booster Plus
Price TermsFOB / CIF / EXW(Factory Price)
Terms Of PaymentT/T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C at sight
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