0.015% Natural Brassin Lactone Powders

0.015% natural brassin lactone powders
Natural brassin lactone is a new generation of plant growth regulator. Midwin natural brassin lactone powder, directly extracted from plants, is natural, effective, non-toxic and wide-spectrum and its main composition is brassins lactone. Plant physiologists thought that it can explode inherent potential of plant completely, and regulate plant growth in high efficiency. It also can enhance seed vitality and root's development and growth, increase its absorption of moisture and fertilizer, increase chlorophyll content and photosynthesis, thus ensuring high and stable output for its functions in promoting plant growth, increasing their resistance to disease and pesticide, improving their winter hardiness, drought hardiness, alkaline resistance and water-logging tolerance.
Physical and chemical property: White crystal, m. P:274-275 centigrade degree, in-dissolvable in water, dissolvable in chloroform, ethyl acetate, acetone, ether and isopropynol.
It has the follow features
1. High activity. Its activity is the fourfold to tenfold of other manual composing brassins. So when used, it should be diluted with specification. Its consistency would affect the growth of plant.
2. Long period of validity. It is used only one or three times for crop. If the crop has a long growing period, it should have twenty days between the two usage times. And it should not be used frequently.
3. It is the right temperature 10-30 centigrade degree to use the natural brassins. Do not used with alkalescent pesticide and fertilizer.
Using method
1. used it as additive mixed into the process of antiseptic, pesticide, herbicide, etc. And then it can enhance the effect and value of pesticide. Mix ten kilograms 0.015% natural brassin lactone powders into one ton antiseptic, account one ton antiseptic can be used for 10000 chinese acres paddy fields, can have tangible effect.
2. directly spray it onto crop leaf. Each gram can add fifteen to twenty kilogram water and also can be mixed with acidic antiseptic or pesticide.
3. packaging: Ten kilograms per plastic paper bag.

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