Avoiding Western Union Scam

This scam is becoming one of the most common scams used by scammers. Essentially, a Western Union scam is any scam that takes place using the Western Union method of payment.

Most commonly, there is a situation where a buyer pays for something via Western Union, and then never receives what was paid for; or the buyer pays for an item via Western Union, and then receives an item of a value far lower than what was actually paid for.

Please note this scam takes a various number of forms for a wide variety of items. Just because it does not match exactly your transaction or potential transaction, does not mean it is not the same scam. In other words, avoid any scams the resembling the following situation.

1. Buyer finds an item at a price far lower that what would actually be paid for that item.

2. Buyer shows interest in the item, thinks the deal is too good to pass up, and asks for more information on how to complete the transaction. The scammer knows the victim is already interested.

3. The seller tells the buyer to send the money via Western Union, the seller then asks for the Western Union MTCN # or the money transfer number (this is basically a number that gives the thief access the money).

4. Once the thief has the MTCN or money transfer number, he/she can pick up the money at any Western Union worldwide and disappear. The buyer has paid, but the item that was paid for will never be sent.

Tips for avoiding Western Union Scam:

Be cautious if: Always: Remember:

The Western Union Money Transfer service is a great way to send money to people you know and trust.