steel wheel

need rims for twin tyre 1100x22.5

Posted By: huwaida on 2017-07-14 09:34:05


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Steel Wheel
Wheel, Steel Wheel, Rim We supply various wheel steel rim and tyre, for penssenger, car, heavy truck, trailer,
tubless, light truck, and so on. Some sizes of our products range. 7.5x22.5 series 7.5x22.5 electrodeposit series 8.25x22.5 series 9.00x22.5 series 7.00T-20series 7.50V-20series 8.00-20series 8.50-20series 8.50-24 series 5.50F series 6.00GS series 6.5 series 5.50F-16 7.50V-20 6.5-20 6.00-16 5.50-15 7.50V-20 6.00G-16 5.00S-20