ss 6x aranizer air purifier 4180 mg hr

Hello Could you send me the price of CIF TURKEY for SS 6X Aranizer Air Purifier. Besides What is delivery time. Best Regards kadir icindere

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Correlative Product: Ss-6x Aranizer Air Purifier 4180 Mg / HR

Ss-6x Aranizer Air Purifier 4180 Mg / HR
The aranizer unleashes the power of a thunder storm to purify the air, making your environment cleaner and healthier.
The patented aran generator creates a special electrical corona the energizes the oxygen in air similar to the effect of the discharge of a lightning bolt.
The aranizer creates rare molecules that contain four or more atoms of oxygen.
These molecules, known as aran, circulate throughout your house, and destroy, smoke, chemicals, allergens, bacteria, molds, fungus and viruses.
The aranizer produces activated oxygen. Activated oxygen is the natural enemy of odors, pollutants and many other harmful substances, yet it is completely safe. The activated oxygen produced by the aranizer will naturally disperse through out any room and begin restoring the indoor environment.
The aranizer simply accelerates the process nature uses to break down air pollutants. Leaving the air fresh and clean without using chemical fragrances or costly filters.
The aranizer:
1. Safe, effective, and affordable
2. No moving parts to wear out
3. No costly filters to change
4. Durable stainless steel case
5. Patented design
6. Portable, weighs about 11 pounds
7. Produces no oxides of nitrogen
8. Manufactured in the USA
9. Additional 25 year warranty available
10. 4 year warranty
Measures: 11. 5 x 6. 5 x 6. 5. Covers about 360-1440 square feet. This is a guideline only. For example, a home with no pets, no smokers and not as many meals cooked would have more coverage area than a home with two cats, a smoker and all home cooked meals.
The aranizer outputs not only o3, (ozone) , but o4, o5, o6, o7 and beyond. Poly-chain oxygen is thought by many researchers to be very similar, to chi or life energy.
The aranizer is the only ozone generator that creates poly-chain oxygen in high numbers. Also, some ozone generators output oxides of nitrogen as a by product of the ozone making process. When these molecules combine with water vapor in the environment acid rain is the result. Aranizer ozone is the most advanced ozone system. Highly recommended.
4 year warranty on whole unit, lifetime warranty on power supply, the part that typically breaks down with ozone generators. These amazing machines remove allergens, animal odors, smoke and chemicals from the air, leaving clean fresh air in their place. They destroy many viruses and bacteria, and kill molds, pollen and fungi, making your home or work environment a healthier, safer, more pleasant place to be.
The Price of the SS-6X
MSRP List Price is $542. 99 $US
Sale Price is: $466. 55 $US
Shipping information:
Shipping is usually done within 24 to 72 business hours from when full payment is received and is sent fedex ground. Express shipments are available at an additional cost.