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Subject : cloth duct tape, gaffer tape and cloth masking tape from Okamototape Dear Sir, This is Adel from Okamototape, Indonesia. I would like to know if I can have a chance to be your cloth duct tape, gaffer tape and cloth masking tape supplier. Okamototape has manufactured adhesive tapes for 40 years and have focused on cloth tape for 30 years. We are supplying our cloth tape to major industrial tape brands. Our tapes are proven industrial tape used for construction and building industry. Our tape is used for masking on cement wall, thanks to high tack and adhesion and clean removal. Please let me know if you are interested in. I would be pleased to offer. Kind regards, Adel Kim Marketing Manager/ PT. Okamoto Indonesia ******: ***Tel : ***PT. Okamoto Indonesia is .... Originally founded as Hyupsung Chemicals, Ltd. Korea, we were the largest self-adhesive tape manufacturer in Korea. We have been manufacturing self-adhesive tapes for 40years and have consolidated our major in natural rubber based cloth tapes for more than 30 years. Why our tapes are better. 1. Japanese production system and factory automation. Our new factory machines in Indonesia were installed in 1998, which were newly designed and developed by Okamoto Industries (Japan). And, Japanese Industrial Standard quality control was applied. We still keep our effort to improve production quality and efficiency, installing the automated production lines. 2. Cross-linked molecules adhesive Our adhesive technology is same to Japanese cross linked adhesive. Cross-linked adhesive means that the molecules in the adhesive are “cross linked” each other, making stronger adhesion and longer life span. This tape leave no residue after removal. Its resistance to residue problem is better than our competitors. 3. Only NATURAL rubber adhesive and high quality resin. We use natural rubber based adhesive. For the stable high quality, we do not mix the recycled rubber nor the low quality resin. 4. Total in-house production. We control all production processes in-house including: Cloth weaving, Extruding – color & PE laminating, Glue production, Glue coating, Cutting and packing. This “total control” over our product allows us to ensure high quality stability.

Posted By: Adel Kim on 2017-10-09 03:24:15


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