powerful sandblaster

Re AX-P3 Powerful sandblaster. Please can I ask where to buy spare rubber gauntlets and spare parts? Thanks Chris

Posted By: Chris Hill on 2017-08-08 13:48:07


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Powerful Sandblaster
The AX-P3 Powerful Sandblaster is a device for polishing the surface of small objects. It has a delicate design, simple structure, and strong compatibility. It achieves automatic sand circulation according to the principle of pneumatic negative pressure siphon. The machine's advantages are: good airtightness, no overflow of sand, safe operations, artistic design and cheap price. This machine is upgraded from the AX-P2 Sandblaster. It has all the advantages of the last version. Besides, it has a built-in oil and water filtering device. The newly-designed lid makes dustless operations possible.