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Posted By: Helena Grace Ling on 2017-01-07 10:42:07


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Nutri Organic Fertilizer
Nutri Organic Fertilizer is not an ordinary organic fertilizer; it is a "semi base organic fertilizer" that fortified with the superior formulation from our R& D team with blended the higly 25 beneficial microorganisms which will enhance the oxidation of the nutrient ingredients into its higly assimilable form for the plant.
These highly 25 beneficial microbes too produce probiotics which are substances that possess anti-microbial properties that are antagonistic to fungal-, bacterial-, and viral-borne diseases. The product also contains some enzymes that inhibit the growth or are adversary to pathogens or diseas causing organisms.
Nutri Organic Fertilizer is a scientifically formulated biological inoculants consisting of 25 naturally occuring beneficial micro-organisms with superior formulation from our R& D team; it is the well-balanced plant food for plant life.
Nutri Organic Fertilizer is designed for Plant Life on behalf of Plant Health.