new damascus hair scissor

Hello! Give me the price of your vg-10, ats-314 and damascus scissors. I need know all ingridients of your vg-10 steel in the percentage. And rockwell hardness please. Thank You! ***

Posted By: Evgeni on 2017-07-13 19:08:11


Correlative Product: New Damascus Hair Scissor

New Damascus Hair Scissor

Dear Sirs,
We are a Korean manufacturer of the highest quality hairstyling scissors in the
world made of the best Japanese stainless steel named ATS-314 (Hitachi made),
V-10 (COBALT), New Damascus alloy and Japanese Hitachi SUS440C. 
The sizes are 4.0", 4.5", 5.0", 5.5", 6.0", 6.5" & 7.0" or whatever sizes you want. We have
our own brand name "Prosso" but we can put your own logo on our scissors if you can
provide us with your own logo and brand symbol.
Our delivery will be made in 1 - 3 weeks after ordered depending on the model and
quantity.  We have 3 different qualities and price levels depending on buyer's choice as
follows :
1. Top AAA quality............U$150.00 - U$320.00 per pair FOB/Korea
                           (ATS-314 Hitachi one piece "Drop Forged" stainless steel)
2. Top quality......................U$100.00 - U$150.00 per pair    
                           (ATS-314 Hitachi "Forged or Stamped" or V-10 Cobalt)
3. Standard quality.............U$27.00 - U$100.00 per pair  
                           (440C Hitachi "Forged or Stamped" stainless steel)  
We are not manufacturing lower quality scissors for the price competition with China or
Pakistan. At beginning, we will give you a very low minimum quantity at 1 dozen per
model to help your market test. For the samples for your test, we can send even a few
pairs if they are available in our stock.
In January 2007, we have developed a new steel alloy named "New Damascus  Japan" that
is made of 16 layers. ATS-314 alloy is being used for the cutting edge. These 16 layers
makes a beautiful natural clouds patterns on the surface of blades.  The price is U$320.00
per pair FOB/Korea. If you buy this from Japan, you have to pay U$650.00 ex factory
price.  The retail price is U$2,500.00 per pair.
We are supplying our scissors to world famous Japanese scissor companies and Paul
Mitchell in USA etc. If you want us to develope your own designs, we need about 2
weeks to duplicate it.  We have also some special new scissors named "Speed Cutters"
patented and "Jupiter" etc.  You can see all these new models in our website.
Looking forward to hearing from you again.
Best Regards,
K C Hwang
O. W. Corporation