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Correlative Product: Nebulizer-Sigma

Nebulizer-Sigma, Model 3060 & 3019
Sigma Neb Compact Ultrasonic Nebulizer is light weight and compact. It has a virtually silent operation that won't startle patients. And the closed water chamber system is easy to operate, needs no added water, and has no disposable medication cups.
The Sigma Neb compact nebulizer operates on ultrasound which vibrates the drug solution and turns it into a mist. The 2. 5 MHz frequency of the nebulizer produces a particle size from 1. 5-5. 7 microns which can efficiently reach deep into the lungs of the patient providing quick results with little to no side effects.
The Sigma Neb completes standard medication therapies in about five minutes. This reduces treatment time substantially, as otehr nebulizer therapy time ranges from 12-30 minutes.
The patented closed water system of the Sigma Neb 3060 is extremely easy to use. With no disposable medicine cups needed, operating the unit is as easy as adding the medication to the drug reservoir and turning it on.
Both Models
1. Exclusive A. D. R. System. It means zero (0) medicine lost.
2. Netbulizes 3ML in 6 minutes
3. Silence
4. Works with rechargable batteries (Optional, to be purchase separate)
5. Comes with carrying case.
6. Adjustable sprayer, depending patient need.
7. Approved by the F. D. A.
8. Easy to use.
9. It comes with two mask, one for adults and one for kids.