mul function combination tools for outdoor garden vehicle

Hi. I'm interested in the price and availability of this kit. Could you let me know? Thank you.

Posted By: Michael Durfey on 2017-10-07 13:17:37


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Mul-Function Combination Tools For Outdoor, Garden, Vehicle
These days see frequent occurrence of man-made or natural disasters, while there are problems with disaster relief, such as lack of effective specialized tools, which relatively delays the progress
Of disaster relief, even delaying the best opportunity for rescue and causing unnecessary losses of
Life and assets. Therefore, we have researched and developed specialized combination tools for disaster relief, which can be used in fire prevention in woods, fire extinguishing, disaster relief after earthquake, rescue in mine accident, and flood fighting. And these tools can be combined into over ten kinds of specialized tools of multiple functions, such as: hoe / machete, ax / pickax, broad ax / hammer, hook / poker bar, fork, cutting knife, chisel, rake, shovel / bush hook, extinguisher, bucksaw, hacksaw (built-in) , file (built-in) , scissors (for pruning only) , knife (built-in) , steel drill (built-in) , flashlight, all with extensible handles. In fire fighting in woods, the machete or cutting knife can be used to make a firebreak, extinguisher to suppress flames, and five-prong rake, bucksaw, ax, shovel / bush hook to clear branches, wood or grasses deposited on ground, cut off and separate combustible substances; In earthquake relief and mine accident rescue, the set of tools are flexible, of complete functions, in large numbers, quick to be assembled, of high strength, and wearing well. To prevent people buried under the brick slabs from being cut by sharp-edged tools in rescue, we fit rubber sheath to tool heads, which can significantly reduce the possibility of trauma occurring to the rescued while greatly reduces rescue time and increases rescue efficiency. The handle of the combined tools comes in steel and aluminum (light-weighted) , and the functional joints remain unchanged. According to the application, the tools can be combined into multi-function combination tool of various applications. For example: vehicle-carried tool combination (mainly used for vehicles in the wilds to rescue and clear obstacles, weighted between 12 to 20 kilograms, and the size being about 700*400*220mm3) ; the wild subsistence tool combination (mainly used for wading, obstacle-clearing, exploring, and picnicking in the wilds, weighted between eight and 15 kilograms, and the size being about 600*350*220mm3) ; gardening tool combination (mainly used for professional forest maintenance, planting, pruning, weeding, and clearing sundries, weighted between 12 and 18 kilograms, and the size being about 700*580*60mm3 or 700*300*110mm3) . According to different materials, combination forms, and functions of tools,