mn3o4 manganous manganic oxide mno2 manganese di oxide

Dear Sir We need MN304 for oil well cementing, Kindly send your best quotation for one container along based on CIF Bandar Imam Khomini (BIK) Port in Iran. Meanwhile, give in your technical data & MSDS for this product. It's eminent that we have consumption of around 200 tones annually from this material. Yours Truly Sobhan Hassan Jahan Pars Jonoob Commercial Supervisor Tel. +***Fax: +***Mob:+***Email: ***

Posted By: jahan pars jonoob co ltd on 2017-11-22 17:10:14


Correlative Product: Mn3O4, Manganous Manganic Oxide, MnO2, Manganese Di-oxide

Mn3O4, Manganous Manganic Oxide, MnO2, Manganese Di-oxide
We are into production of specialty Chemicals .

We are an ISO 9000:2000 Quality Management System company. Certificate no :1237 from "Transpacific certifications Ltd."

We are the only manufacturer of Manganous manganic oxide and Manganese di-oxide in India.

Mn3O4 being used regularly in "soft ferrrites industry "

Our Product is meeting all the European standards and is free from Elements like "Se", "Phosphorous" etc , with ultra fine purity level.