genzyme surgical products chest drainage units

Hi. How much does this system (***& PEDIATRIC) cost if we buy 1000 pieces with delivery to Uzbekistan.

Posted By: ulugbek on 2017-07-13 14:12:56


Correlative Product: Genzyme Surgical Products Chest Drainage Units

Genzyme Surgical Products Chest Drainage Units
Pleur-evac # ref a6000 adult & pediatric

6 multichamber dry suction control chest drainage units

Features: Carrying handle; 1 high negativity relief valve; 1 high negativity float valve & relief chamber; 1 collection chamber w/2500cc capacity; 1 patient air leek meter w/low to hi display; 1 calibrated water seal; 1self-sealing diaphragm in water seal chamber; 1 suction control dial; 1 suction control indicator window w/flourescent float; 1 side-mounted hanger; 2 positive pressure relief valves; 1 locking floor stand; 1 filling funnel

Indications:1. Evacuation and collection of fluid and/or air from the mediastinal and pleural cavity in post-operative and trauma situations.2. Prevention of fluid and/or air re-accumulation in the mediastinal and pleural cavity.3. Facilitation of complete lung re-expansion and restoration of normal breathing dynamics

Sold by box of six steril units/$129.00 per box of six