cow gallstones

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Correlative Product: Cow Gallstones

Cow Gallstones
Quality description:
Ox gallstone is difficult to explain criteria. Gold better than
Black(gold-yellow-brown-darkbrown-black), light better than heavy, whole better than broken(goldbroken better than bad whole), large size better than small(goodsmall better than low big)... As gallstone is natural products, the colour, size and quality by naturally bilirubinic.
Badly mouldy, calcified, white(especiallyfrom surface to centre),
Bloodstone of heavy and hard, piping and powder, are inferior. Naturally, cholesterol stones aren't bought.
The goods are thoroughly dried in ideal and dark ventilated spaces and have neither been exposed to light, sunlight, nor to humid conditions. Should be well dried with less than 5% moisture content. Free of queer materials, impurities, pipes, blood and rough textured stones, fake stones or other impurities. Yellowish/red/chocolate brown coloured
Merchandise with conical, square, cylindrical shapes and large, medium, small&tiny sizes lumps/pieces variation. Mostly ovoid, subspheroidal, tetrahedral or cubic, varying in size,0.6-3 cm(maximumto 5.0-7.0 cm) in diameter, occasionally tubular or in broken pieces. Externally yellowish-red to brownish, some with a layer of black lustrous thin membranes. Some rough, with wart-like protuberances. Light texture, fragile, easily peeled, fracture golden yellow, with fine dense concentric circular lines, some with white core, odour, aromatic; taste, bitter. Stock should be genuine and natural osg obtained from cattle free from bovine
Ox gallstone have big difference by its colour and quality. Colour
The golden the better, body the lighter the better, whole the more the better, size the bigger the better, specially attention to avoid dark heavy hard and other inferior quality. Minimum size of whole stones is considered as 5 mm. Whole stones smaller than 5 mm are considered as broken stones. Whole stones should be at least 90% of the body of stone.

Drying method: After extracting from dead cattle stones must be washed by cold clean water carefully removing blood clots, impurities, etc... Ox gallstones must dry only in dark(withoutsunlight, electrical light) well ventilated place during 2-3 weeks under usual room temperature around 20c degrees. Stones must be overturned periodically for better drying, not sticking together each other. After full drying items are kept inside the hermetic packing.

Shipment is effected by EMS, DHL, fedex, UPS, tnt or other express couriers...

Price level and term of payment:
Us$8.50/GM for standard whole stones;
Us$6.50/GM for standard broken stones,
Us$1.00/GM for sand/powder.

It contains 15% of bilirubin and 3.5% of ash.
We package them in 80% whole stones and 20% broken.