circular knitting machines

HI , We are interested in buying Terrot UP 372, I3P154 all these types of machines. We are sourcing these machines from Asia and Europe. If you have any offer please send me on email or whatsapp me at: ***

Posted By: jitendera on 2017-09-07 11:57:00


Correlative Product: Circular Knitting Machines

Circular Knitting Machines
Complete Plant of Terrot circular knitting machines
(only in one lot)
1 pc. S 296/34/E28/2976, 1 pc. S 296/30/E28/2640, 1 pc. S 296/30/E20/1872, 1 pc. S 148/30/E28/2640, 1 pc. SP148/30/E22/2256, 1 pc. SBF 296/30/E20/1872, 1 pc. UP 372/34/E18/3816, 1 pc. UP 372/34/E20/4248, 1 pc. I3P 154/30/E18/3360, 1 pc. I3P 154/30/E20/3744, 1 pc. SH 130/17/E24/1284, 1 pc. SH 130/19/E24/1428, 1 pc. SH 130/20/E24/1500, 1 pc. SH 130/22/E24/1656, 1 pc. MK7/30/E18/3360, 1 pc. MK 7/30/E18/3360, 1 pc. MK 7/30/E20/3480
- all machines suitable for Lycra
- Year of construction 1998-1999
- Photo available
- Machines in perfect condition
- Price for all 17 machines: Euro 485.000,00 C & F any port