basysprint 741 uv setter

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Posted By: Patrick Amune on 2017-12-03 19:02:55


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Basysprint 741 UV Setter
Series 7 UV-Setters are designed to expose 8 pages (up to format class 4) and can be used for commercial, packaging and book printing alike. They expose all plate formats up to a maximum of 940 x 1150 mm (37" x 45") .
With the automation of the UV-Setter 746 basysPrint offers you all the benefits of fully automated operation. Once you have located the plates in one of the cassettes, the machine will automatically remove the slio sheet, punch the plate, transport it to the exposure flatbed, image the plate and then forward it to the online processor. With this automation you can also have up to 3 different plate sizes available online. Each cassette can hold up to 60 plates at 0. 3 mm. The cassette loading can be done under normal daylight conditions.
With the automated UV-Setter 746, you can recover your investment even faster, since operator intervention is kept to a minimum and the system can run unsupervised for several hours.
The plate selection, slip sheet removal and transport of the plates to the flatbed is handled by a single device: allowing for the extremely compact construction of the machine.