bamboo salt durable whitening essence cream

Hello, I was just wondering where in US I can purchase this whitening cream. I tried a sample of a friend and I love it! I live in Naples Fl, USA & really would like to have. I hope you can help. Also, how much is the product? Thank you for your time. Warm regards, Tammy

Posted By: Tammy on 2017-04-14 21:32:00


Correlative Product: Bamboo Salt Durable Whitening Essence Cream

Bamboo Salt Durable Whitening Essence Cream
The ingredients are purified bamboo salt, deep sea water, collagen, rose
essence oil, herbal active factor, aloe prime liquid and vitamin C.

The multiple whitening components can effectively permeate into the cell
basal layer of skin, persistently inhibit and fade out melanin, revert skin
brightness, and naturally whiten skin. In combination with collagen, the
purified bamboo salt can make skin tender, and leave skin fine, smooth,
full of healthy luster and fair.

After cleansing face every day, apply appropriate amount on the face
and gently message till absorption.

Place the highly purified deep oceanic salt in the natural fresh green bamboo,
seal the ends with yellow earth, spay some turpentine, and repeatedly
extract at 1,000 ¨C 1,500oC with Korean pine for 9 times,
then we get purified bamboo salt.

Outer packing:
96 bottles/ctn